Investigation services to help your business succeed.

The success of your ethics and compliance program depends on an effective workplace investigations process. You need a process that is robust yet flexible. You need to conduct prompt, thorough, lawful, and business-focused workplace investigations. A well-planned investigation is your key to establishing legal defenses, meeting regulatory requirements, and implementing corrective steps.

We deliver tailored, expert advice, investing time in understanding our clients and building long-term, trusted relationships that look beyond any single engagement.

We advise every size of organization, from non-profits, to healthcare, to academia, to government agencies, to some of the world’s largest multinational companies.

No matter your size, Winter Investigations can help you meet your workplace investigation challenges.

Practice Areas

Process Design and Optimization

Whether your organization has an established workplace investigation process or no formal process in place, we can help.

We can evaluate your program to confirm it is working effectively, improve an existing process, or help you build one.

We can also strengthen your investigations process with tailored policies, intake procedures, investigator protocols, and an investigator’s toolkit.

Workplace Investigations

Winter Investigations works with organizations to identify the scope of each investigation so it covers all relevant issues, and to create a focused investigation plan that is efficient, cost-effective and tailored to those issues.

Our in-depth knowledge of investigation techniques guides us to analyze the evidence and to reach clear, reasoned decisions.


Effective investigations depend on investigators who received quality training.

We develop our own training content. Training modules can be tailored to your specific needs. The content is business-focused and emphasizes practical steps.

Training classes range from lunch-and-learn meetings to on-site training to webinars to multi-day sessions.

Case Management and Coaching

You need to manage your workplace investigations docket properly. Winter Investigations can guide you and your investigators to ensure that the process remains efficient, business focused, and protects your organization.

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Advisory Services

Workplace Investigations

Investigation Policies and Procedures

Training for Investigators, Managers and Compliance Officers

Case Management and Hotline Response

Investigator Coaching and Mentoring

Interim and Outsourced Investigation Services

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Expert Witness

Litigation Consulting

Case Analysis

Title IX and DEI Training

Investigation Data Analytics

Speaking Engagements

Meric Bloch is passionate about investigations.

Meric created the Winter Method® for conducting workplace investigations, a methodology emphasizing root-cause analysis and business-related guidance. The Winter Method is a framework for investigators to consider the totality of business risks created when misconduct arises.

He designed, implemented, and managed workplace-investigations process globally for three multinational companies and a healthcare system. He has trained thousands of HR, internal audit, legal, and compliance professionals to conduct investigations.

Meric has conducted more than 800 internal investigations of fraud and serious workplace misconduct globally. He has extensive professional experience counseling business executives on the legal and business issues arising from investigations.

Meric is on the faculty of the Society of Corporate Investigations and Ethics’ Investigations and Ethics Academy as well as a member of its Board of Directors.

Meric is a Certified Fraud Examiner, a Certified Financial Crime Specialist, a Certified Information Privacy Professional – Europe, a Professional Certified Investigator, and a Certified Compliance and Ethics Professional-Fellow.

Feedback from Clients

"Meric has many years of experience which he can easily translate in training materials, policies, guidelines or whatever is needed.”

- Angelica S.

"The training was just what we needed. Many thanks!"

- Steve F.

Meric has been an excellent source of knowledge when I worked with him at the Secret Service, and today I would recommend him to any firm.”

- Nino P.

“You are a true expert, and it was a great opportunity to learn so much from you.”

- Martha R.

“I couldn’t do it without your genuine intention to make sure we are where we are today. Thank you for the insight and wisdom you provided.”

- Yim W.

"You share advice with a high level of sensitivity and diplomacy and I can't remember any advice that you would have shared with me which was not very helpful."

- Laurianne T.

"The training session was definitely a success. We received many positive comments. You did a great job!”

- Linda K.

“Rarely have I listened so intently to a presentation. This was fantastic. Thanks so much for all the insights.”

- Ursula S.

My Books on Investigations

Become a Better Investigator

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Workplace Investigations gives step-by-step instructions for the entire process

The First Information Is Almost Always Wrong highlights the tactics that can have the most impact

Investigative Interviewing drills down on the techniques that deliver results

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